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Manchester VT – a biking hub

Town’s dream of a safe bike path – done!

Downtown Manchester Center to North Road

The 5.5-mile roundtrip path linking the historic business district to the edge of town was a dream.  But now it’s our gem. View the ribbon-cutting ceremony if you still can’t believe it.   

This multi-use trail is a gift and a gateway.  A gateway for little ones with training wheels, a gateway for hesitant bikers to get back in the saddle, and a gateway for long-distance bike travelers to get out of town pleasantly and safely.  Made of crushed stone, from MEMS* to North Road, it goes by a pond, through the Dana L. Thompson Recreational Park, Hunter Park, through the woods and over the fields and streams, with the last leg on an old historic railroad bed that transported marble to town in the early 1900’s.

View the Manchester Rec Park and Historic Rail Trail Map or follow while riding using the: Manchester Rec Park and Historic Rail Trail “Ride with GPS” MAP

View a visual tour of the path including historical railroad photos.

Enough Biking for the entire family

A network of quiet, paved and dirt roads complete the package for southern Vermont cyclists.  Explore this web site for inspiration.

For starters – bike the River Road on a foggy morning to Hill Farm Road or the Chiselville covered bridge; meander on the Dorset West Road after lunch; or fly down Union Street in the early evening. 

Bike Manchester VT is a local advocacy group that helps facilitate safe travel ways for cyclists and pedestrians.

Main Street, in Manchester Center