Bike Paths

Most of the traffic-free bikeways in southwestern Vermont are on old railroad beds and have varying terrain and surfaces. Because they are not paved, they blend in well with the natural surroundings, and are for multi-purpose use – biking, walking, jogging, and cross country skiing.

Historic Marble Rail Trail

Downtown Manchester Center to North Road

For a complete visual tour of the path including historical railroad photos: visit:

This trail (5.5 miles roundtrip) can be accessed from MEMS on Memorial Ave, the Dana L. Thompson Memorial Park (aka Manchester Rec Park), the Riley Rink at Hunter Park, or a parking lot on North Road across from Squires Road.

The last 1.2 mile section from the picnic table to North Rd is a PRIVATELY owned Historic Rail Trail. Get permission to use it by simply joining “Friends of the Trail” at the bottom of this web site.

Visit Historic Marble Rail Trail to learn about the rich history of this old railroad bed.

Check out the map image below or follow while riding using the: Manchester Rec Park and Historic Rail Trail “Ride with GPS” MAP

2021 Historic Marble Rail Trail Map

West River Trail – Upper Section

So. Londonderry to Jamaica State Park – this upper section of the upper section has varied terrain and is really fun and interesting. Parking at the old Depot in So. Londonderry, you go right through the Winhall Brook Campground, up to the top of Ball Mountain Dam, and then zig-zag down to Jamaica State Park. A hybrid or mountain bike is recommended.

West River Rail Trail Upper Section Map

Visit West River Trail for more information.

D & H Rail Trail

Southern section : West Rupert to West Pawlet

Northern section: Poultney to Castleton

These flat peaceful trails through pastoral Vermont were newly resurfaced in 2020. Bring a bag lunch and drink in case you need them between towns. The store in West Pawlet is closed.

D & H Rail Trail Map

Visit D & H Rail Trails to learn more about the trails.

Slate Valley Trails

Centered around Poultney, Slate Valley Trails offer a wide variety of multi-use trails and recreation.

Visit Slate Valley Trails for more information.