Biking Around Town

Manchester Center is a bustling small town with shops and eateries extending beyond the historic business district and on up to Manchester Village, where the historic Equinox Hotel is perched at the base of Mt. Equinox.  It’s about a mile between Manchester Center and Manchester Village.  This mile section has curbs and sidewalks most of the way but no bike shoulder. But it is marked so that you can bike in the traffic lane. Or, you can avoid the traffic by using Ways Lane and the Manchester West Road. On Depot Street, there are clearly marled bike lanes on both sides of the road.  In the Center, from Northshire Bookstore to Maplefield’s Mobil, the historic business district on Main Street, has angled street parking.  For this very short distance, you may want to walk your bike along the sidewalk.

For getting out of town on a bike, use Richville Road or River Road for heading south towards Sunderland and Arlington.  The Manchester West Road or the Manchester Rail Trail and the Dorset West Roads can be used to head to Dorset, avoiding most of Route 30 if you wish. Route 30, by the way was repaved in August 2020, so is nice and smooth.

There are several bicycle Fix-It stations around town in case you need some air or adjustments.